5 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Oral hygiene practices like brushing their teeth regularly can be quite a task for young children. However, these are necessary skills that every child should learn in order to maintain their oral health well into adulthood.

While it may be challenging for parents to get their children to brush twice a day for two minutes, there are a few tips you can use to make things easier. The best tactic to teach children correct brushing techniques is to add fun elements to this routine and make it an enjoyable experience for them.

Here are 5 techniques Dr. Larson at Coeur D’Alene Family Dentistry recommends for teaching your kids to brush their teeth:

Start Oral Hygiene Early

If you want your kids to learn correct teeth brushing techniques, begin teaching them at a young age. This way, your children will easily develop the habit of brushing regularly.

Once you have established a good routine, explain the importance of brushing. It is vital to teach kids about tooth decay, cavities, and foul breath.

Set an Example

If your child regularly sees you brushing your teeth, this will encourage them to copy your actions and try it on their own.

Make It Fun

It helps if you join your child when they are brushing their teeth and make it a fun activity. You can set a timer for two minutes and dance along or compete with them to make toothpaste bubbles while brushing.

You can also try to play them videos of proper techniques or tell your child stories highlighting the importance of oral hygiene.

Flavored Toothpaste and Colorful Brushes

Take your children to the store and allow them to select their favorite toothbrushes and paste. This will increase their excitement to use the products as they were personally involved in the decision.

With so many flavored toothpaste options available, it may be challenging to pick the right one from the beginning. To be on the safer side, buy two to three flavors and see which one they like most. Colorful toothbrushes will also make the children thrilled to use them in their daily routine.

Praise Their Brushing Skills

Children love to be praised for their efforts. Positive reinforcement is a great way to make sure that children carry this dental hygiene habit for the rest of their lives.

At Coeur D’ Alene Family Dentistry, we help educate parents and children on proper oral hygiene practices that can ensure a lifetime of dental health. Visit our office at 2201 N Government Way G, Coeur D’Alene, ID 83814, or call (208) 664-9129 to schedule an appointment.

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