Dental Extractions

If you have dental conditions that require removing your teeth, a dental extraction is an ultimate procedure for you. It is a treatment that helps to stop the spread of infection to the rest of the teeth.

There are two types of extractions, which are surgical and simple. At the Coeur D’Alene Family Dentistry, our dental experts help determine if you really need a dental extraction and, if you do, analyze which type of extraction is best suited for your dental condition.

Process of Dental Extraction

The patient has to first undergo a complete dental checkup which helps to determine if extraction is needed. If the restoration of the teeth is no longer possible, tooth extraction would be advised.

The patient is then provided local anesthesia to help numb the area to be treated. The problem tooth is then cleaned, loosened using an elevator, and extracted using dental forceps. The patient has to bite down on sterile gauze to control the bleeding. Aftercare instructions are provided to the patients, which are to be strictly followed to heal the extraction.

Who Would Require an Extraction?

  • If a damaged tooth would lead to a root canal infection, an extraction is advised to avoid further mouth damage.
  • If you have crowded teeth in your mouth and require dental treatments like braces or Invisalign, tooth extraction is necessary to make space for the remaining teeth.
  • Some people might require a wisdom tooth extraction if there is no room for it to grow.
  • Patients with gum diseases might require tooth extraction as it may cause severe pain while chewing or biting.
  • People who have a decayed tooth that cannot be restored may require an extraction. It is also best advised to remove the cavity-infected tooth early before it spreads the infection to the other teeth.

Cost of Dental Extraction

The cost of having a dental extraction done depends on several factors. These include:

  • How many teeth have to be extracted
  • The type of extraction that is to be performed
  • Complications that each patient may have that require the extraction to be done
  • The experience of the dentists
  • The type of anesthesia that is chosen for the treatment

Nevertheless, dental extraction is a cost-effective treatment that helps avoid the further spread of infections and damages to oral hygiene.

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