Fix Your Missing Teeth: Dental Implants

At Coeur D’Alene Family Dentistry, countless patients make their way to receive dental implant treatment. It is a restorative dental procedure that helps people to replace missing teeth. The treatment also helps the patients to regain their confidence in their appearance. Dental implants also provide the efficient functionality of the teeth similar to that of natural teeth. Not only that, but this treatment is very durable.

There are a few facts that one needs to know before getting an implant done.

  • An Implant Is a Titanium Screw. 

Placed in the jawbone, a dental implant replaces the root of the tooth that has been damaged. Dental prosthetics like crowns or bridges are then placed as per the requirement and preference of the patient.

  • There Are Two Major Types of Dental Implants. 

These two types are Endosteal and Subperiosteal implants. The former type is placed in the jaw bone, and the latter is placed under the gums.

  • It Is a Personalized Procedure. 

Before placing the implants, the dental surgeon takes exact measurements of the existing teeth. The tooth’s color is also considered, which helps to match the implants to the natural tooth.

  • Sedation Solutions Are Used. 

The patient will be sedated during the dental implant procedure, which helps to numb the area of treatment. After the sedation wears off, the patient might experience slight discomfort, which goes away with the help of prescribed medications.

  • It Is a Cost-Effective Treatment. 

Dental implants provide patients with teeth that look and function like natural ones. Replacing the missing teeth prevents dental issues caused by tooth loss and provides more benefits for overall dental health. This allows the patient to save large amounts of money that they would have to spend if they experienced the dental problems the implants prevented.

  • It Requires Multiple Appointments. 

To ensure complete results, patients need to visit their dentist multiple times. It is a time-consuming process that has to be performed efficiently and with utmost care.

  • An Implant Is a Permanent Fixture.

It is a sturdy solution that is long-lasting if the patients follow proper dental hygiene.

  • Aftercare Is Essential. 

The patient is advised to avoid smoking as it may lead to implant failure. A regular dental routine is required to keep the implants in good form.

  • It Addresses Speech Problems. 

Misshapen teeth could cause a hindrance to speech. This can be solved through dental implants. It also eases the eating process.

  • It Improves Self-Esteem.

Dental implants boost the self-esteem of patients and help them smile confidently.

Dental Implants provide benefits to maintaining good oral hygiene. Book an appointment at Coeur D’Alene Family Dentistry by calling (208) 664 – 9129 and receive all the information you need regarding dental implant procedures and other treatments for your dental health. 

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