Food Good For Your Teeth

Your mouth is the gateway to your body. Keeping it healthy is important. What you eat, drink, and do every day affects your teeth. Here are some types of food you should include in your diet to keep your mouth healthy:


Cheese is a good food option for your teeth. Cheese contains calcium, which strengthens the enamel of your teeth. It can also neutralize the acids that cause tooth decay.

However, cheese is high in lactose, which can cause cavities. So enjoy them in moderation or as part of a meal. For example, eating cheese with carrots and celery or an apple creates a healthy snack.


Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to improve your oral health. Not only does it help rinse your mouth clean, but it also prevents dry mouth. Some medications, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices can lead to dry mouth. Saliva is your mouth’s first line of defense against tooth decay. Without adequate saliva, your risk for cavities goes up.

Drinking water can also prevent bad breath. If you’re dehydrated, your saliva production will slow down. Saliva keeps your mouth moist, but it also acts as a natural mouthwash, washing away food particles and bacteria that linger on your tongue, gums, and between teeth.


Vegetables are good for you, and they provide nutrients that help keep your teeth healthy. In particular, raw veggies are better for your teeth than cooked ones. Cooking and processing vegetables can cause them to lose some of their nutrients.

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C, which can help you maintain healthy gums. Vitamin C also helps your body produce collagen, which is an essential component of your skin and blood vessels. Vitamin C can also help your body absorb iron, calcium, and folate, which are essential for your oral and overall health.


Apples are high in fiber and contain vitamin C, which can help boost your immune system. They’re also high in water and help keep your mouth clean. Many dentists recommend apples for healthier teeth.

Apples can help protect your teeth from cavities due to their high water content. The crunchy texture of apples can help clean your teeth as you eat them.

Apples also contain antibacterial compounds that can help protect your teeth from cavities. The acid in apples can lower the pH level in your mouth, helping to prevent acid erosion and enamel damage.


Milk has calcium and vitamin D, both of which are good for your teeth. The calcium in milk not only strengthens your teeth and bones but also helps your teeth fight against decay. Vitamin D also helps your body absorb calcium.

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