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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Going To The Dentist Despite Covid-19

The American Dental Association has strongly urged people to refrain from visiting the dentist at the height of the pandemic last year after it was established that the Covid-19 virus could spread through oral fluids. But, since then, it has left the decision up to the discretion of dental offices, which are required to assess the risk in their area before allowing patients to book their appointments.

What have you been doing?

It’s natural if you put off going to the dentist since March last year.  However, even if you take all the necessary precautions and your mouth doesn’t show any symptoms, it is advisable to visit your dental office to check any of your dental health-related worries treated. Let’s take a look at a few complications that could arise if you delay going to the dentist.

Untreated gum disease

Considering people have been spending the majority of their time indoors, their tendency to snack on junk food has only increased in the last year or so. This could partially lead to gum diseases that would require immediate assessment from a dentist and a treatment plan if necessary.

Untreated toothaches

Living with toothaches is never a pleasant experience, especially when you have conditions like root canal infection lurking around. A side-effect of the pandemic is that people have had to hold down their pain because no dental office was willing to take the risk by taking in an at-need patient. Situations have changed now so you can get the right dental care you need.

Other dental problems

While not every dental problem is painful, there are plenty that requires attention from dentists to ensure they don’t lead to complications. What could have been treated previously with a simple dental examination and cleaning would require you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars getting treated.

While it’s true the virus has been spreading practically unhindered, dental offices like all medical facilities are taking the necessary precautions, including wiping down all common contact surfaces and sterilizing their equipment before use. Hence, it is advisable to maintain your guard but not put off making an appointment with your dentist.