What to Expect From a Root Canal Procedure

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A root canal procedure is routinely performed by dentists to treat tooth pulp infections. With efficient dental care, a root canal is not painful and can extend the life of a natural tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. If you want to retain your pearly whites for years to come, a root canal […]

Dental Extractions

If you have dental conditions that require removing your teeth, a dental extraction is an ultimate procedure for you. It is a treatment that helps to stop the spread of infection to the rest of the teeth. There are two types of extractions, which are surgical and simple. At the Coeur D’Alene Family Dentistry, our […]

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Going To The Dentist Despite Covid-19

The American Dental Association has strongly urged people to refrain from visiting the dentist at the height of the pandemic last year after it was established that the Covid-19 virus could spread through oral fluids. But, since then, it has left the decision up to the discretion of dental offices, which are required to assess […]